Thanks for booking an appointment at The Conscious Bride.

Here are some answers to FAQs and an idea of what to expect.



During your appointment you will have complete privacy. We only serve one bride at a time and lock the door to any walk-ins. Appointments are for 1.5 hour slots. If we run over there may be cross over with the next bride.


We recommend that you do not wear your most colourful undies that will shine through ivory fabric! Nude pants and bra are great if you have them. If you are comfortable the dresses can be tried on braless. A bra with straps is fine as they can be tucked in. Please keep your make-up to a minimum (lipstick will be asked to be removed) to prevent transfer onto the dresses and please do not wear fake tan. Our dresses are really easy to get in an out of so you probably won’t need assistance other than buttons zips etc which we will assist with. If you have access needs that require someone’s assistance then we can help or a friend you have brought with you can.


Are welcome, breastfeeding mums are welcome. Please ask your older little ones with you not to touch the dresses. Please note that you will not be able to get a buggy up our stairs to the changing room so please ensure someone with you can hold the baby.


No photos please. After much deliberation we have decided on a no photos policy for the following reasons, please let those joining you know.

  1. Camera phones! They do not capture you in your best light in a sample dress that will most likely not fit your measurments. We find brides can quickly obsess over their body in the dress than obsess happily about the dress itself. The dress will be made or altered to fit you like a dream and then a professional at your wedding will take pictures that truly represent you with a proper camera.
  2. All the images of the dresses are available online on women it has been made to fit so you can share it with friends.
  3. Making the experience unplugged. Shopping and many occasions can be spoilt by too many camera phones in your face. Lets keep some traditions and put the camera phone away.


We clearly show our price range online, please ensure you have checked this and we have dresses you like within your budget. We will ask what your budget on the day and only show you dresses within or close to it. Costs are additional for alterations which we won’t know the cost of until we see the fit of the dress when it arrives. We may find at measuring point that you fall between two sizes, if that is the case you can assume alterations will be needed or it may be necessary for the designer to cut the dress/jumpsuit in 2 sizes for the best fit which for some designers incurs extra cost at the point of sale.


Our sample sizes are mainly size 12 with a couple in 10 or 14. We have a few tricks to fit smaller or slightly bigger bodies into them. Our designers can make dresses in sizes: 4-18 and above with a small additional cost. Most of our dresses are not corseted and a lot of the boho styles will not hide a full supportive bra. Why don't we stock bigger sample sizes? We do stock samples bigger than the standard size 10 found in most bridal shops, so in that respect they are bigger. With the current styles we have in our brides are often smaller in size and so we have to cater for our audience. As our collections and popularity grow we will look at designers that suit our style, ethos and could offer us a great collection with dresses in sizes 16/18. Bridal sizing is not like street sizing so please try not to be concerned about the size we end up ordering. We will measure you and order the size that suits the measurements for that designer, each designer’s sizing is different.


You know we care about ethics here and so all our collections are influenced by this passion. Already being ‘outside the box’ thinkers avoiding fast fashion and caring about the environment our dresses are also more alternative in style. I would say we are not traditional and a lot of the dresses are influenced by the sustainable fabrics available. We do not try to be all things to everybody and also not every body will suit our style.

Our team will give their own honest opinion and frank approach. We are not scripted and do not work on commission. If it looks great we will tell you, likewise if we think we can do better. If we are your first shop we will be putting you into a variety of styles to start with to narrow down what most flatters you. We aim to provide the best service possible from start to finish and provide expert advice on our collections and a more conscious wedding.


If you are not local then here is a bit of travel advice. There is lots of parking near the boutique starting from 70p per hour.

Locations: Opposite the train station, Whalley Hayes, Water Street and Jordan Gate (mulitstorey).

There are a few places you might like to tie in with your visit to our boutique:  Maria Modes sells a wide collection of dresses including Maggie Sottero, and Adeva Bridal, very different style to us but worth booking in to both if you don't know what style you are looking for! Next door to us is a beautiful lingerie shop Rumour Lingerie, where you might find some lovely honeymoon undies or bikini, they stock Mimi Holiday, Huit, La Perla and more. Opposite us is a cute little bakery, Cherry Blossom bakery, why not tie in your visit with an afternoon tea for just £12 per person. Contact them to book in advance. If afternoon tea isn't your style then there are lots of other gorgeous local coffee shops.

Coming for a late appointment? Bring a couple of friends with you and make a meal of it with 3 great restaurants to choose from right next to us is the Castle Quarter, and more further in town.


We are on the main line between London and Manchester. The Virgin Pendolino from London take 1hr40 mins to us.

If you use the bus then the 130 travels between us and south Manchester.


There are not a lot of choices in the town centre the cheapest and nearest option is the Travel Lodge right near us. Out of town and more glam is Mottram Hall or Shrigley Hall.


We are looking forward to our appointment with you. In the meantime check out our blog for great ideas on a more conscious wedding and lifestyle. If you have any questions please get in touch