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Cock and Bull Tweed

Cock & Bull Tweed Collection brings you a colourful, modern and stylish collection of tweed clothing and accessories. We currently offer handsome waistcoats, caps and bow ties in a striking collection of artisan-produced handwoven tweeds, sourced from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. We manufacture entirely in the United Kingdom - always have and always will - and operate to a sustainable and ethical remit.


Sanyukta Shrestha

Sanyukta Shrestha’s extensive range of innovative vintage-inspired gowns and millinery provides stylish options to all women who care for people as well as the planet. However, the end quality in both the designs and craftsmanship is in no way compromised through this ethical and ecological approach, resulting in an uplifting and luxurious gown. Boutique in London.


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Rolling in Roses

Inspired by bygone styles of the 20th century, we bring these influences up to date by adding a modern edge to our designs and a carefree twist to our styling. We're proud to be able to say that all our gowns are handmade right here in Yorkshire, England. We have complete control over the artisan quality of our workmanship, and have a high standard of finish. We use sustainable fabrics and recycle all our fabric offcuts, and strive to run our business as ethically as possible.