Women's stories in the news

So with the Harvey Weinstein stories hitting the headlines we just had to write about it for multiple reasons. The first being 'aaarrghh' why aren't things changing why do blokes still think they can treat women like this?! And the second is the way the stories, and the women, have been represented in the media. 

Well done to the brave individuals that spoke out about their experiences of sexual harassment in the film industry recently. Keeping these painful secrets hidden can't have been easy and made even harder in an industry that had his actions as running jokes. Making the feelings and experiences of these women seem more worthless. Well they are not worthless and no industry should be taking lightly actions such as those of the bully Harvey Weinstein. For years women have waited to be in a position of confidence and power themselves to be able to speak up, whereas before speaking up threatened an already difficult career as a woman in Hollywood. We salute all women that take this leap. 

The media has shown us exactly why it is still difficult to come forward to discuss sexual harassment hasn't it? The press seems to have twisted the stories into blame on the women, asking why they didn't come forward sooner?! If they had come forward he could have been stopped, blah blah blah. Yeah right thanks media you have just perfectly shown us why they didn't come forward in the first place! Does this style of reporting have something to do with the figures of there being mainly men in journalism (74% of journalists on the national newspapers are men) I wonder??


The future

How do we affect change for the future I wonder? I think this question has a different answer for every age group. Those in their early twenties just starting out could, if they could risk it, make a stand, attempt to effect change. But are those in senior roles in their later careers are the real change makers for women just starting out now? They could make decisions that benefit women, challenge boards for fair representation and much more, lead by example and show women what is possible. As a woman in the middle I think I can effect change through the children I raise, treat them fairly ensure they see everyone as an equal. 





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