What goes in our cosmetic products?

Ruth, a bit of a cosmetic junkie, has been on a journey of discovery. Since having her little one and being introduced to a more conscious world through working at The Conscious Bride boutique she decided to learn more about what goes into the products she was using. This led her to becoming a part time Arbonne Consultant in the Macclesfield area.


Ruth tells us about her journey starting with taking redundancy from her 10 year career in April and the learning curve it has taken her on.


Ruth's story

I took redundancy in April this year. I have been learning so much ever since, it’s like finding a big wide world again! I enjoyed a month off just getting myself together but after that I felt something was missing, I wasn’t ready to go back to work as I was having to much fun with my son but I needed something to keep my brain active and to have more adult conversations!

One of my old friends had messaged me about her new health and wellness business and at the time with working full time I just couldn’t fit in meeting up but now I could!

She explained about Arbonne and that she had managed to build her business and I can do the same. This did sound very interesting and appealing but what I found more interesting was the information she told me about the cosmetics industry. I had the urge to get home and start googling everything! What I have found has honestly shocked me to the core. It has made me realise that business is business and they are there to make money no matter what the costs. After all it wouldn’t be their family that would suffer would it.

So I decided that maybe I could make a small difference by explaining to people what I learned and offer products which would be safe, beneficial, never tested on animals but more importantly didn’t contain any chemicals that have been found to be harmful to us and our food chain.


If you are careful about what you eat then why wouldn’t you do the same with your skincare and nutrition?



What goes in our products

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. What you put on your skin does go into your body and your blood stream. If you are careful about what you eat then why wouldn’t you do the same with your skincare and nutrition? These are some of the questions I started to ask myself.

I want you to try an experiment for me. This will show you what I mean when I say that I was totally shocked, you will be too. Get your regular cleanser and take down the ingredients. Pop these into google and read up on what is in a product you use everyday.

Some people will say they don’t care, it’s cheap and it does the job. Others like myself will be so shocked to know that some of the ingredients are cancerous, that they are damaging our aquatic life and more. Our cosmetic products can contain petrochemicals, parabens (preservative- butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben), phthalates and other endocrine disruptors (affecting hormones). 

The cosmetic industry argues that these are all at low and 'safe' levels and tests don't show adverse effects. Natural beauty products have always been in use but in the last half a century the products and brands we now know well have taken over. So we haven't even lived a person's whole life time yet using these products so how can companies be so assured that there aren't any adverse effects over a life time? 

It is know that parabens can penetrate and remain in the tissue of humans and animals. No tests have conclusively proved the damage this causes, but is it worth the gamble?


It's not just about our skin

We need to consider what happens with the products after we have applied them, then washed or used them to wash....they end up in our water system. We all know about the microbead issue  but all those chemicals are also washed down the drain and absorbed into our food chain through aquatic life, soil, animals who eat from the soil and so on. 


What ever is damaging to our aquatic life and soil is ultimately damaging to us and has an impact on our future food chain.



Looking after my baby



My most shocking discovery out of all of this was learning what I was putting on my baby boy's new, fresh, delicate skin. He recently started to come down with a bad skin irritation all over his back, and switching between the different brands I could find in Boots was not working. It was getting worse. I switched to Arbonne and his skin took a few weeks but slowly it began to heal. He now has no irritation and his skin is baby soft again. Knowing what I now know it doesn’t surprise me for one second why this has been the case with his skin.

From seeing the results and using my new found knowledge I have set up my own Arbonne business and I enjoy working when I want and talking to people about what I have learnt. It all fits in very nicely to what I was taught by my big sister and the fashion industry. She has used her passion and drive to create an amazing business- The conscious Bride. Together we will try and create another choice for people. A more fair and honest choice which doesn’t cost the earth! Just create products, made fairly and with sustainable materials and ingredients.


Ruth used Arbonne make up on the models in our photoshoot

Ruth used Arbonne make up on the models in our photoshoot