Is it all a bit 'hippie' if I use something other than tampax?!

So in my life time I worked out I will have around 400 periods!! The average women uses about 11,000 tampons ( with volumes like these coming from the land and then back into it in landfill I think it pays to be more conscious. 

There are actually decent alternatives to the normal tampon etc brands, we just don't know this because for some reason the high street health and beauty shops and supermarkets don't offer us them.


Eco-Friendly periods

So I have been exploring and testing the other options. Still some testing to do and will share this after I do but today we start with a simple switch of brand. I have always been a Tampax user. They have always worked best for me but as you know I have been becoming more 'conscious' and this had to include something I put in my body every day for a week every month! Your skin is the biggest organ in the body and whatever we put on it it absorbs. But this decision to change was also hugely an environmental one. We all know that growing organic cotton is better for people and place and so in the same way I am now choosing organic cotton in my clothes I am doing so for my tampons. 

I have tested Cottons, Veeda and Natracare, all organic cotton. Veeda was a winner, I expands through absorption in the same way Tampax Pearl does which I find more comfortable. They all we pretty similar in terms of flow absorption. However there was a downside to loving Veeda is that there is still plastic involved if you choose the applicator version, so it isn't the most eco-friendly choice, but their towels and liners are wrapped in biodegradable material. TOM I haven't tried but don't plan on as it is a bit pricey.  

I would recommend switching, they are no less better at their job than leading brands. I noticed a big difference in the comfort of the organic cotton towels, having no plastics in them they feel less sweaty, yep gross but we all go through it! Much more comfortable.

Added bonus to switching - throwing less plastic packaging in the bin that takes hundreds of years to degrade.

There are other options such as Period pants - I will give these a go and report back!

The menstruation cup - not something I am going to try but feel free to share your experience if you have. This is a great article from someone who has ventured a little further than me:


How should we dispose of our used tampons and applicators? Most of us do and think it's ok to throw them down the toilet bowl..... turns out it isn't ok! It causes massive costs to our sewerage systems and damage to our water eco systems. Here are some facts from the Guardian article that enlighted me:

  • It costs about £88million a year to unblock our sewers, tampons are a big part of this problem (along side pouring fat down the sink, flushing condoms, cotton buds and wet wipes!).
  • Sewage debris makes up about 6% of beach litter in Britain.

So the solution is a biodegradable bag that we can place our used sanitary products in and pop them in the bin. You can find these on lots of sites such as

I hope you found this helpful. Han x