What are our ethics?

What are ethics?

In our opinion what is ethical to one person may not be an ethical choice to another. When making ethical choices there are also more factors at play, costs and availability for example. So in writing this article and creating this website we are trying to have an ethical approach though we don’t claim to be perfect and we don’t claim to meet every single person’s opinion of ethics.

What are we doing?

What we are doing is trying, trying to research and learn, grow and influence. Trying to be transparent and clear and help others to make well informed choices. We are taking an 80/20 approach. As we are a small business and we work with other small businesses not everything is accessible to us. For example when ordering fabric we use suppliers who don’t demand big minimum orders as everything we do is made to order this just isn’t possible nor is it really sustainable. So this limits our choices.


You will find many of the products in our store are made to order. This prevents waste, allows small businesses to thrive and not be stuck with stock they can’t shift. We adopt a slow approach. Slower more bespoke items made with love. Each purchase on the site allows an artisan to fulfil their dreams, demonstrates as consumers we care about the manufacture of our products and shifts our culture towards a slower fashion industry.

Our promise

To only work with makers and artisans who create items by hand, pay themselves or others a living wage or if making abroad make in a country with good employment and health and safety laws or fair trade environment.

To source makers and bring their products onto the site that consider environmental impact.

To work with makers, as we learn, sharing our knowledge to create more sustainable products and work places.

To give a portion of our profits to charities that empower women. (Social post to nominate coming soon!).

To keep learning, discovering and sharing.

And to curate a beautiful and stylish collection for modern couples.