How to delegate your wedding to do list

This may be an odd blog piece to be writing but it came to my mind after mental health awareness week when I thought about the number of brides who have told me the planning has been quite stressful or they have been doing a lot of it on their own.

Many women I have met are creative souls and so enjoy the process of researching ideas and using their imagination and creativity to create a beautiful wedding. This can lead to them suddenly finding out they have done so much of the planning without a helping hand!

Even if you love every minute of the planning this post is still relevant as it’s always nicer to have a helping hand, and you will find your family and friends want to be a part of the planning and creativity.

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So where to start….

  1. I love a list be it mental or written, so I am starting here. Write a list of all the things that need sorting and also things that might be additional wants for the day (not always the same thing!!).

  2. Next use that list and divide it up into priority order, put a cross on a piece of paper, label each section either 1/2/3/4. 1 being the most important and 4 the least.

  3. Next assign your name and your partners name to the tasks you would either like to do most yourselves or are the most skilled/qualified person to do it. For example you are probably the best person to choose your clothing as it needs to fit you! And you might also think you are best placed to pick music or provide the music list as you know your taste.

  4. Next think about all the skills and creativity of your friends and family. Who is good at what? Is there someone good at negotiating? Someone good at organising? Or if you are thinking of doing lots of DIY things; is there a baker in the family or someone who is green fingered?

  5. Put names next to the other tasks on the paper.

  6. So you have lots of tasks and names in your 1-4 boxes. You may discover that in your 1 box it is mostly you and your partner, that’s ok, it’s what was expected. The most important tasks you will want to influence, but take some time to think about who can support you. Ask for this support!

  7. As you work your way looking at boxes 2 and 3 make sure you have assigned them the correct level of importance…. maybe you have put everything else in these and nothing in 4?!

  8. Boxes 2 and especially 3 should have lots of names next to the tasks that aren’t yours. These are the key items for delegation!

  9. 4 should not be empty at this point. Reflect on box 4 for a bit…. are these tasks a ‘nice to do if there is time’? Are they even in budget? Consider do they even need to be done? If they do need to be done then they need to be considered for boxes 1-3, if they don’t fit into 1-3 then cross them off that list!

So now you have a list of items of 2 or 3 level importance that can be delegated.

Do the delegation

Do not be embarrassed or feel cheeky to talk to friends and family for help.

When delegating the tasks to ensure you are happy with the end result and they are happy helping, be clear on:

  • your vision;

  • the budget; and

  • the time scale/deadline.

Hopefully this has been a little helpful post. Even if you don’t delegate or prioritise like I have suggested just taking the time to read such a post has hopefully helped you to reflect and consider how much you are doing and if it is too much. Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, but granted it isn’t always easy it is a big creative and logistical event! If you think such planning will stress you out consider your mental health and if spending some budget on a planner is a good way to keep sound of mind! Bluebird creative one of our featured planners can help you with this.


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