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At The Conscious Bride we love an eco friendly wedding. There are tons of ideas out there for an eco wedding, we have decided this one is not a list of how but a gathering of some inspirational ideas taking into consideration current trends.



We still love greenery. Coral may be the colour of the year (which looks fantastic against greenery!) but it doesn’t need to be the main focal. Greenery is free (if you go foraging, post on this to come!), natural, eco friendly and works beautifully for both a rustic wedding and a luxury elegant wedding. And succulents, especially if they are home grown. Fancy yourself a bit green fingered you could create your own bouquet by growing succulents and foraging greenery.


Colour of the year - Coral

You don’t have to compromise your eco-ness when planning a wedding a staying on trend. If there are some must have trend elements then consider what you want in your wedding styling before choosing the time of year you would like to marry. For example, if you love peonies then get married when they bloom in June so you can have British flowers.

The colour of the year 2019 can be achieved with British flowers. Beautiful peonies and roses in corals are perfect for a spring time wedding. If you want these but are getting married outside of the British season they will most likely be shipped in flowers from Holland. Choose something else to keep the carbon footprint down or compromise elsewhere to reduce the over all footprint.


Seasonal foods and sharing tables

One of the key areas many couples are looking towards to host a more eco friendly wedding is their food. Many caterers are highlighting their use of local and organic produce. Thinking local reduces air miles, carbon footprint, supports the economy you live in and reduces packaging (especially if your caterer goes direct to the farm). We love this ‘trend’ although it doesn’t seem to be a trend (yey!) it looks as though it’s here to stay.

If you have eco wedding food don’t forget to take what you have learned from your caterer and implement it into your everyday shopping. Back to trends, it is one to use the food as part of your wedding decor and style. Natural displays of yummy fruits and delights, spilling off wooden blocks to entice your guests, big sharing platters of loveliness.

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Keeping it small and minimal

Minimalist weddings have been around a while now but we think they aren’t going far as minimalist living is growing in popularity (have you started yours with your capsule wardrobe? You should life will be much better we promise!).

A minimalist styled wedding or minimal size of wedding is an absolute winner on the eco front. In every way it reduces waste, produce and travel footprint. Minimalist style is so gorgeous and flexible, think cute forest picnics and long tables or stunning elegant venues with minimal table decorations. We also included natural hair and make up looks. This is really on trend for the eco bride, find a supplier that uses natural organic makeup or vegan make up and brushes.

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