Introducing | Lee Klabin our featured supplier

Heralded as the ‘Couture Corset Queen’ by Vogue with clients including Sarah Jessica Parker she is back with a new bridal collection.

When Lee Klabin decided to relaunch her label after a hiatus designing her family, she knew it would have to be with a vision for positive and strong changes that are so needed, starting from within the fashion industry.

Lee has designed a unique bridal collection featuring ethically sourced fabrics, created by a community of women.


Modern couture bridalwear with a conscience.

Let’s talk about Lee’s style, who are her dresses for?

Lee is looking for brides out of the ordinary! Brides who want comfort and class, and a dress that can be worn again. The fit and cut of her dresses are elegant and timeless, soft silks and knits create comfort. Lee’s ambition is to create dresses that will be loved many times after the wedding on special occasions and date nights.

Though she hasn’t forgotten about a bit of drama, her fabulous knitted trains provide that but they are also family heirlooms. After the wedding the train can be unfolded to become a beautiful cosy blanket for many cuddles on the sofa, draping over sleepy children and late night book reads.



Lee is leading the change in creating a network of home working women in the UK to produce the collection. Many years ago it was common for women to work from home flexibly around their families, over the last 30-40 years this has changed and as I well know and you might have experienced too work places aren’t always flexible environments for women (and men!) to work and juggle life. Many small businesses are women owned, women who want to do the school drop off and pick ups and still work and feel fulfilled. Lee’s idea to work with a network of creatives empowers more women to work from home earning a living wage and feel fulfilled in their creative passions.

Every stitch we cast serves our communal commitments.

Charitable donations

Lee donates a portion of her profits to a charity that helps empower young girls by saying no to underage marriage.

We are aware of how lucky most of us are to be born where we were and when we were. So Lee decided to use whatever influence she has by donating a percentage of each item sold to the organisation that tirelessly fights underage marriage- So every happy bride that says "I do!" with one of their ensembles, helps and underage girl say "I don’t".


Meet the makers

One of the unique features of Lee’s business is that she uses a network of makers across the UK to knit her pieces. This network empowers women to work for themselves, create their own suitable work environment and work around their lives, flexible working!

the conscious bride.JPG

Sintija Skrudere

My name is Sintija Skrudere. I originally come from Latvia and now live in England. I am 23 years old and I love creating things. 

When I was about 10 years old I learned how to craft, using knitting, crochet and sewing techniques. I enjoyed these techniques as they are so versatile and interesting. Since then I have always been interested in the creating aspect. Developing something from thread, fabric or yarn is exciting to me. 

I studied Fashion design at University for The creative arts. The experience gave me the skills for development of design, concept and sewing. I carried my knitting skills and embroidery within my final collection to add my own spin on it. 

Now a year later after graduation I haven’t stoped crafting. Whilst earning money working as a bartender, I am still able to work on the side. I still knit, crochet, sew and embroider. Working for Lee Klabin has been also a pleasure, knitting amazing UMA train with unique pattern combination and beige colours. This piece taught me about hard work and determination of knitting for such a long time. To achieve even finish of stitches and continuous counting for the pattern was a long process, very rewarding at the same time. I want to say thank you to Lee who trusted me with this challenge. 


I think you will agree Lee is passionate about women, change and sustainability. I love that her collection can be worn or used again. If you are interested in trying on Lee’s collection sign up for our newsletter below for your special discount.


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