5 Things you really don't need at your conscious wedding

On Pinterest I see a lot of ‘5 things you must have on your wedding day’ etc etc but hosting an eco wedding or a budget wedding means you have to make some choices on what you really don’t need. So considering the choices I made for my eco and budget wedding and chatting with other recent brides we have created our list of 10 things you can skip if you want to. Skipping these items will either save you money or create less waste.


Wine on the table

Yep you really don’t need to dish out free booze!! If you can’t afford it don’t worry. I didn’t put wine on the table and no one noticed! And a number of my friends sticking to a budget followed suit and guess what no one noticed!!


Toast fizz

Controversial? Maybe but is it really needed? Most of your guests won’t like what you give them and so it’s likely much of it won’t be drunk, what a waste of your hard earned £’s! So maybe instead if you really really want to give everyone something give them a drinks token instead to get a free drink at the bar for them to toast with at the speeches.

Wedding drinks token printable from  Something Turquoise .

Wedding drinks token printable from Something Turquoise.

Expensive wedding signage

Now this was a tough one to add as I do love a bit of signage, but again think about how much you really need. Depending on the location of the wedding you might not need a big fancy welcome sign, for example a venue where it is only you getting married and directions are not needed is the sign needed? Save your cash for the seating plan maybe instead? And what are you going to do afterwards with all those signs?

So if you must have them hire them or make them eco friendly. Here is a little round up of my ideas, I’m thinking glass with writing that can be wiped off, paper that can be recycled, wooden signage that could be repainted to become something else for your home or another wedding.

eco wedding signage.jpg

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Wedding favours

Let’s face it although they are a nice token and nice to make they often go unappreciated. So if you were thinking of doing something at more than a £1 per person maybe think do you really need them? Or maybe could they be something edible that can go home with a slice of cake for them to enjoy the next day? Don’t give them an object that will go unloved. I love the idea of a potted plant but will everyone take them home after a few drinks?! How will they transport them in a taxi or coach?

If you really must do wedding favours then I think edible is the way to go. Here is a little round up of ideas.

wedding favours.jpg

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Matching outfits

Really please don’t blow your budget on buying suits and bridesmaids dresses that all match to perfection. Go with mix and match, and let the groomsmen wear what ever they already own or want to buy and get them matching ties/pocket squares/shirts/pocket squares/waistcoats. Finding a dress to suit all maids and a suit all groomsmen like in your budget is too stressful and why are you doing it? If you must have all the groomsmen matching look at hiring suits instead. If your maids must all match look at multiway dresses as an option.

Mix and match not only looks great in your wedding photos it’s much ore likely the outfits will be worn again as they better reflect the individual personalities in your friends.

I hope you enjoyed this little round up. I’d love to hear what else you think can go!


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