5 fabrics to sew your own conscious wedding

We are 'conscious' that many people think of sustainable or ethical fabrics and think they can't have style and beauty, maybe images of hessian potato sacks come to mind?! Well this list is all about sustainable fabrics you can buy in the UK and that ooze style and luxury to create the most gorgeous wedding dresses and other wedding outfits. And these fabrics can make gorgeous everyday items too! Finding fabrics like this in the UK hasn't been the easiest task which is why we wanted to share it with you. We would love to hear if you have any other suggestions and share your creations with us too! 



I know this is an obvious one, which is why I put it at the start, but it is a fun and lovely way to create clothes. It makes your creation totally unique. Don't just look for vintage clothing to 'up-cycle'. Think vintage bedding, curtains or left over fabrics, for bridesmaids dresses, bowties, waistcoats, hankerchiefs and more. Pieces of lace to create your wedding dress; if you cant find big pieces beautiful small pieces could be cut out and appliquéd on. Rolls of lace trim have been relatively easy to come across for us and these could be used to edge your veil or skirt.

We have looked anywhere and everywhere to find fabric: charity shops, word of mouth, vintage fairs, chatting to old ladies that can no longer be as creative as they used to be  can be useful as they probably have a wonderful fabric stash, house clearances and some fabric shops stock vintage. 

Maybe you love this idea but can't sew? Then come and visit us and we can make them for you, either sourcing the fabric for you or you can bring in some you have already discovered.




We were soooooo excited when we discovered a wonderful place to buy our organic silk. Majestic textiles http://organicsilks.co.uk in the UK grow the mulberry trees to feed the silk worms and make all their silk in Hertfordshire. Their silk is not only organic but also has peace silk status; meaning the silk worms lived a full life cycle. They offer a great range of silks and some painted and embroidered silks. 

There are some other EU based companies we have found and since they are in the EU shipping and taxes are easy. 

https://www.seidentraum.biz/en_GB Offer a very wide collection of silks including some colours. 

Hemp silk and Raw silk are also great options and have a natural golden tone.




Organic cotton is becoming easier to source. There are now a few places to source some lovely fabrics. 

Ray Stitch: http://raystitch.co.uk/products/fabric/organic-fabrics stocks a good collection of organic fabrics including fun and colourful cottons by Birch Fabrics and Cloud 9. These could make fun alternative bridesmaid dresses.

Organic Textile company: http://www.organiccotton.biz/store/ has a brilliant collection of fabrics. 

My Fabrics: https://www.myfabrics.co.uk/ has a big collection of Tula organic cotton fabrics. Simple sweet cotton bridesmaid dresses or a great option for lining fabric or creating bunting. 

Organic cotton satin is beautiful and this German company have a vast collection of colours: http://www.siebenblau.de/organic-satin-fabrics



This gorgeous bamboo silk has been dyed by Lancaster and Cornish

This gorgeous bamboo silk has been dyed by Lancaster and Cornish

Bamboo fabric is beautiful. The trees are fast growing and don't need chemicals. However the process to make bamboo viscose fabric can be harmful if a closed loop system isn't used, this system means the chemicals aren't expelled into the water system. It's still a lovely slightly more green fabric choice over polyester. The colours are really lush too in bamboo, it takes dye well. Bamboo jersey has lovely drape and would make lovely bridesmaid dresses. 

We found a few bamboo jersey listings on Etsy though they were based in the US. 

Ray Stitch http://www.raystitch.co.uk/ their ivory bamboo silk is fair trade made, no bleaches and is gorgeous! 

Organic Textile company http://www.organiccotton.biz/store/ has some beautiful bamboo drape and silk in black and white and are soon extending the range!

Offset warehouse https://www.offsetwarehouse.com/ has a variety of fabrics, with new ones added often, this includes currently a lovely range of printed bamboo stretch fabrics.




We love linen. It is a beautiful elegant fabric and there are some gorgeous colours. It also only takes 8% of the water needed to make cotton to make linen! You could have a go at dying linen yourself with natural plant dyes. We think linen would make lovely bridesmaid dresses that could be worn many times after the wedding. (We are currently designing our range of linen dresses!)

Merchant and mills http://merchantandmills.com/ have a fab range of linens in a wide variety of colours.

Good luck with your sewing! If you have any other fabric suggestions we would love to hear them just leave us a comment below or share a picture of your completed project.