Clean living wedding beauty prep

We all want to look our best on our wedding day, so looking after yourself and your skin is super important on the lead up to it. 

There are 3 things you must do if you want to look your best:

  1. Get good sleep - if you suffer from poor sleep think about why that might be, could it be as simple as the wrong pillow or mattress? If not visit your doctor to seek help and guidance. 
  2. Stay hydrated - the age old advice but it's true! Good hydration has a great impact on your body and your skin. Get a water bottle and keep it filled every day in your handbag. Sip on it even when you don't feel thirsty. 
  3. Have a night time routine - ensure you put your phone down at least 15 mins before bed. Go to the bathroom and enjoy the process of cleansing, toning and moisturising. This is also a good time to moisturise all your skin instead of after a shower. 

So typical advice aside what natural and ethical products are out there?

Creating your own


Is a great moisturiser but also a great scrub, especially after winter to brighten your skin. Incorporate a handful in your cleanser for your morning shower to liven the skin on your face. 


A fantastic simple body scrub is sugar and olive oil. Create a bowl of them combined before you hop in the shower. Add a squeeze of body wash for a lovely scent or use essential oils or other items from the kitchen such as vanilla, lemon or lavender from your garden. 

Coconut oil

The more I read about this stuff the more I think - what can't you do with it?! Coconut oil makes a great in shower moisturiser. Just grab a small handful after washing and massage it over your skin. It will soften nicely and leave you feeling moisturised all day long. You can whip up coconut oil with essential oils if you like, store in a jar or create moisture bars in ice cube trays. 

It also makes a nice hot cloth cleanser, just massage it onto your face and use a muslin or flannel wet with hot water to remove it and your make up. 

Orange flower water and rose water

One of these two make great toners and can be found for less than £2 usually in the super market. Orange flower is good if you have skin that tends to get a big greasy. 


Great suppliers 

The Wild Mix

I came across The Wild Mix on instagram when searching for organic beauty. I love their style, ethos and gorgeous instagram feed. Their mix your own skin care approach is unique and on their blog they also share natural recipes for home skin care.

the wild mix.jpg

Isla Apothecary

Inspired by essential oils these products are vegan friendly and cruelty free. I think their discovery starter kit is a great price and a lovely treat for pre wedding prep.

isla apothecary.jpeg

French Girl Organics

Another discovery from a pretty instagram feed (oh dear what does that say about me?!). Sourced from companies that operate with sustainable and fair-trade practices this growing collection of cosmetics is beautifully packaged and loved by Emma Watson (even more great suppliers recommended by Emma).

french girl organics.jpg

Evolve organic beauty

Made in the UK and packaged in PET (75% post consumer waste) plastic bottles. With a big list of stockists they must be doing something right! Grab yourself some conditioner for super gorgeous wedding hair.


Zao essence of nature

I have struggled to find many UK make up companies using natural packaging where you can buy refills and not fill in our land with more plastic. Zao is one of the rare ones and with organic, cruelty free ingredients I intend to shop here as soon as I need to replace some of my current make-up bag (which sadly is filled with more plastic than I would like).