Friday 5!

Hi there readers, I hope you have been having a lovely valentines week. Here today we have a gorgeous blue sky which was much needed after many many grey days!!

If you have been following us on social media then this week I shared a little behind scenes post about myself, I rarely do this but I thought valentines days was a perfect day to reflect on love and share it. 

So with my own wedding on my mind (full of DIY touches you can read about here) I thought a Friday 5 gathering wedding DIY's from across the wedding world was perfect. None of these are sponsored posts, just ideas we love and hope you enjoy too. Feel free to add a comment with your own DIY wedding ideas! 


1. DIY Wedding confetti from petals

This tutorial on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings is perfect for the conscious bride. All natural , naturally degradable and an easy DIY. If you aren't green fingered and don't have many flowers in your garden then just ask family/friends/neighbours I sure they would love to be a part of the day in such a way. Sweet peas and hydrangeas make great confetti. 


2. Alternative wedding table centers from paper flowers

So not one from a wedding blog but a craft one A Beautiful Mess. If you are planning an english countryside style wedding then this would look so lovely as a table center instead of real flowers. After the wedding each one could be given as a gift to those that helped you create your DIY day.

Picnic basket paper flowers table centre.jpg

3. Simple, elegant ideas with brown recycled paper and a printer!

I love the simplicity of this one, perfect if the venue is already lovely. This real wedding and DIY tutorial is on Rock My Wedding.  You can find lots of recycled products on Eco-Craft to create your own stationary and other DIY wedding touches.


4.Printing your own table cloths or napkins

Ok so not strictly a wedding tutorial but a transferable idea! We think the potato stamp idea could easily transition onto wedding table cloths and napkins. A bit of fun and quirkiness. You could source second hand catering table cloths and create a pattern that rises from the edges inwards getting lighter as you get central. Chop up white flat sheets from the charity shop or use some organic cotton fabric to create napkins. This idea probably depends on the number of tables/guests or your patience to do 100 napkins! Your work could be sold or borrowed on afterwards (keeping a set for your home of course to remind you of the special day).


5. Free Printable!

Our little gift to you a set of free printables you can download and print off you use on your wedding. We hope you like them. To receive your free printables just simply sign up to our newsletter and we will email you them. (We don't send many emails and it's only the good stuff like eco friendly wedding ideas, and special one off events we are hosting.)

mrs chair banner.jpg

We hope you are enjoying our Friday 5 series, we certainly enjoy putting them together. There is so much lovely inspiration out there we thought it would be helpful for you to have a curated collection each week as it is hard to track down all those eco friendly ideas.