Friday 5!

Friday is here again! Where do the weeks go? We hope you are enjoying your wedding planning this week. Here is our wedding world round up to inspire you. 

The week the theme is honeymoons! 

It is becoming more popular to ask guests to put some 'money in the pot' for your honeymoon instead of the traditional gift list. Often couples already live together and don't need items for the home. This is what we did and we loved every second of our honeymoon knowing that all the people we loved had wanted us to have a lovely time we let the wine flow and didn't hesitate to go out for a lovely meal!

There are soooo many options for your honeymoon, but from experience it doesn't matter where you end up its all about you and how much you love one another and the opportunity to spend some wonderful stress free time together. 

Take an adventure together, whether it be abroad to exotic destinations or touring the UK (which we did in our VW!!) you will be glad you did it. 

We went straight on our honeymoon after the wedding, from experience I would recommend this. There was no time for real life to get into our 'love bubble'. We went away again on holiday 6 months later and it just wasn't the same feeling. 


1. Places to visit month by month

So you're getting married have created a handy list of places to visit each month. To add my thoughts, we went to Cornwall at the start of September and it was gorgeous, warm enough for the beach a couple of days and every day warm enough to eat outside (it rained once!). Florida and the keys is still lovely in March when the temps have dropped a touch and so have the prices. 

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2. Alternative honeymoons

As we mentioned adventure this post from Boho Weddings fits in perfectly. Head off on a back packing journey, take in some volunteering ('honeyteering' - not sure if I love or hate this coining?!) or stay in Europe and take in a little history. 

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3. Honeymoon trends

Who knew there were trends for such an occasion?! Well according to Wedding Ideas Magazine there are 7 trends for 2018 to share with you. i must admit I love the 'foodie getaways' item and pretty much plan most of my hols around good grub already!!


4. Staycation

I'm all for seeing more of the world, but if you haven't seen much of the UK yet then you are missing out. No flights stress, no language barrier and you already have a UK friendly wardrobe! The UK is stunning, head up to Scotland for a stunning highland escape, you won't feel like you are in the UK anymore. Or head down to Cornwall for turquoise waters and stunning food. 

Maybe I am biased as this is what we did. After 4 years of renovating our 1976 VW camper we were planning on this type of trip anyway and so just made it our honeymoon! We toured Cornwall taking in any and all activities we fancied to make the most of it, drinking the yummy cider and eating the stunning fresh food and treated ourselves to a couple of camping breaks in boutique hotels. 


5. Transformative tourism

Take an extra ordinary trip that has a positive impact. Earth Changers can help you plan this and next week we have a feature on the blog from them. 


We did not receive any money or other benefits from the items promoted on this post. All opinions are our own.