What is a trunk show?

We have had a few questions about what exactly is a Trunk Show so we thought we would explain. 

Once in a year we will receive a collection of dresses from one of our designers or a guest designer that we don't normally have in our sample collections. This means that for one or two days we have the full or a wider collection from that designer to show to brides. 


Well simply put a trunk show saves you travelling around different boutiques trying on different dresses from a designer's collection. 


Why do you charge?

We have to pay for these dresses to come to the boutique and we have them such a limited time we have to ensure that only brides that are truly keen to see them make an appointment. If you purchase one of the dresses we will refund you the cost of the appointment via a very special discount only available on these trunk show days. 


What is an appointment like?

Even during a trunk show we only serve one bride at a time so you have our undivided attention and can enjoy your appointment. You can bring friends and family with you too. We have room for 4/5 guests but can accommodate a couple more if you like. 


Which Trunk shows do you have planned in?

So far we have:

Sanyukta Shrestha - As the only North Stockist of this designer this a a truly special event. You would otherwise have to travel to London to the designer herself to see the full collection. This date is tbc for Feb 2018.

La Poesie - This is a guest designer based in London where all the dresses are made also. The first appointments are available on the 18th November and we have the dresses for 2 weeks! This trunk show is completely free!

Rembo Styling - In January we have a wider collection from the Rembo Styling and Marylise 2018 collections arriving! The boutique will be full of boho beautiful gowns.