Eco Friendly Bridesmaids multiway home try on

Eco Friendly Bridesmaids multiway home try on


We can send you one or more of our eco friendly bridesmaids dresses for home try on! Have a play to see if your maids can create a style that suits them before purchase. We will package up which ever dress we have available in your selected size (if you want to see your ideal colour add a swatch to the basket) via courier and you can try on the dress at home.

A holding payment will be taken on your card for the price of the dress whilst you have the dresses. If the dress/es are not returned, returned damaged or in a poor condition a debit for either the full cost, damage repair cost or cleaning bill will be debited.

The dresses will be with you for approx 3 days unless discussed otherwise. Dresses that have not been returned in time will incur late fees at £15 per day.

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