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Bohemian dream wedding dresses with beautiful unique laces, floaty skirts and special details. From £1100.

"Dynamism, daring and above all creativity. A wedding gown is pure emotion. For both the designer and the bride. That’s why we give our designers creative freedom. In recent years we have invested heavily in our atelier in Belgium and the quality and capacity of our own production in Portugal. The fact that we are in control of everything, from A to Z, makes all the difference."

At Rembo Styling, everything revolves around passion. The team consists of young passionate professionals. 

These gowns are relatively unstructured and light so easy to wear and move in. 


Eco-friendly with stunning silhouettes, organic fabrics, vintage twists and modern alternatives. Starting at £1200 to £2700.

Hand spun, hand-woven, hand-embroidered, and hand-made from beginning to the finished products. Combining these elements with figure flattering silhouettes with her unique designs, Sanyukta Shrestha's collection is naturally exclusive and unique. The ethical and ecological aspect of her collection in no way means that the she has compromised in styling or luxury.


Fair Trade and eco friendly fabrics for effortless style with an indie twist. Not stocked anywhere else in the UK. Starting from £1100. Buy instore and online.

'We're working to reduce our carbon and eco footprint through the fabrics we choose, our business practices in the US, and by analyzing our product life cycle and looking for ways to improve. While most fabrics are mass-produced, we source handmade silk woven on traditional wooden looms whenever possible. This not only preserves a traditional art form but also puts money into the hands of those who need it most and use it best--poor rural women.'


This year we are bringing into the boutique stunning new collections designed and made in the UK. Started from £1300 this collection will be fun and feminine. 


Stay in touch to be kept up to date as the collections arrive and hear about our trunks shows and events