British Wildflower Seeds eco-friendly wedding favour

British Wildflower Seeds eco-friendly wedding favour


Our seed bags contain up to 28 beautiful wildflower species of native UK provenance. The mix contains bold cornflower annuals for impact soon after sowing, as well as perennials to provide longevity into the next year and beyond.

 Each eco-friendly wedding favour contains 5g of British wildflower seed (which may not sound a lot, but is enough to nicely cover an area 1.5m2), mixed with some pretty dried calendula petals. They are packaged in a 100% biodegradable cornstarch bag, and sealed with a biodegradable paper sticker detailing the sowing instructions. They are presented in an unbleached cotton/linen-mix drawstring bag with a foil printed fern leaf in either gold or silver.

Choice of Gold or Silver fern print

Fulfilled by: The Gilded Fern

Bag print colour:
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