Cocoa and Coconut Natural Candle wedding favours

Cocoa and Coconut Natural Candle wedding favours

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These hand-poured wedding favour candles contain only natural, non-toxic ingredients. Eco-Friendly the premium wax is made from rapeseed grown in the UK and Europe; it’s a renewable, biodegradable, non-GM, clean-burning alternative to paraffin wax. Organic cocoa butter and coconut oil are added for a gentle colour and a scent that won't overpower your guests, no matter how many you use! Even the wicks sport eco-credentials, being made completely from unbleached natural fibres.

Choose from larger decorated candle jars to give as gifts, or small plain ones for table and venue decor. The gift candles sport an unbleached 100% cotton muslin cover, tied with 100% natural flax twine that's manufactured in the UK.. A small metal fern in either silver or gold completes the look!


Please ensure that all safety measures are adhered to. In particular, please do not allow to burn for more than 3 hours without the wick being checked and trimmed if required. If the wick is left to get too long, it may curl into the molten wax and self-extinguish or smoke; should this occur, extinguish and trim before relighting. Extra care should be taken when moving whilst wax is still molten.  

In accordance with UK and EU law, each candle is labelled with basic candle safety instructions. In testing, the large candles have an average burn time in excess of 14 hours, and the small ones in excess of 7 hours.

Ingredients: Rapeseed Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter

Fulfilled by: The Gilded Fern

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