Yes please! To ensure we have the time to give you the best possible service you will need to make an appointment. You are also welcome to call by and chat or have a browse before deciding if you would like an appointment. You don't need to make an appointment if you would just like to purchase accessories if we don't have an appointment in please just feel free to call in.



We will arrange the appointment for 1 and a half hours. If you have an access need and requires you to need a bit of extra time please let us know and we will accommodate this.



After a wonderful warm welcome from us and a delightful, thirst quenching beverage off our menu you will be given time to browse the collections ask any questions on your mind and we will try to help you with your choices by discussing your usual personal style, style of the wedding and other elements that might influence your outfit choices.

We advise you wear white or skin tone undies so nothing brightly coloured is shining through! We will have some hair slides and other useful bits on hand to help you imagine the 'finished look'.

We don't think many women feel comfortable with a stranger dressing them in the changing room so we won't do that unless you ask us to, or maybe you would prefer the assistance of someone you invited with you if needed. Though you will definitely need one of us to zip you up!

If you have already found your dream shoes bring them with you, if not we will have some heels on hand for you to wear.  As well as other accessories to help you build your look.

We know this kind of shopping can feel overwhelming, and we will do all we can to help you feel less so. We do this by a relaxed service, music playing, a drink of your choosing, (sometimes cake, if we are feeling a bit naughty that day!), a toilet on site for customers (complete with useful pamper bits likes deodorant!) and please do let us know if we can make the visit easier or if you have an access requirement.


DRESS SIZES and body shapes

Most of our samples are approximately UK size 12 (the actual measurements vary from designer to designer) and we have some styles in UK size 10 and UK Size 14, this depends on the style and fit of the dress. Our designers can make dresses in sizes: 4-18 and above with a small additional cost.

As we are new our collections are slowly expanding and we hope to build a range that suit most body types. Key things to note are: some body shapes need structure - many of our dresses are not corseted and a lot of the boho styles bar sewing in some soft cups will not hide a full supportive bra. 

Why don't we stock bigger sample sizes? We do stock samples bigger than the standard size 10 found in most bridal shops, so in that respect they are bigger. With the current styles we have in our brides are smaller in size and so we have to cater for our audience. As our collections and popularity grow we will look at designers that suit our style, ethos and could offer us a great collection with dresses in sizes 16/18.



It maybe that you need alterations for the dress to fit perfectly. If you chose a Rembo Styling dress we will take a number of measurements from you and the dress will be ordered to these rather than the nearest standard size (except for rush orders), so you may not need alterations other than the hem. Depending on your body measurements we or the designer may recommend split sizing the dress to get the best fit and save on future alterations (though potentially not little tweeks and tucks depending on weight loss etc). If this is recommended we will charge 50% of the cost of this at the point of sale which is approx £50. 

After the dress has arrived you can chose to use our in house seamstress or source your own.

Other alterations are possible too, for example you have fallen in love with a sleeveless gown but really want cap sleeves then we can do this! Our designers accept small alterations so you can make then truly your own, the type and scale of the alteration will determine the cost though we can discuss that on your visit. 



If you do find 'the one' (in dress terms, no people for sale here!!) with us then please note our dresses take approximately 4/5 months to arrive, sometimes a rush order is possible for an additional cost, we would need to contact the designer before you order to check this is possible.

We ask for at least 50% of the cost of the dress on ordering and the rest to be paid when you collect in store.



If you change your mind on your dress (no pressure sales here so we don't think you will!) there are different policies for the different designers, please come and see us or call for a chat straight away.

Non-bespoke accessories can be refunded or exchanged within 30 days of purchase, provided you bring the receipt. 


If you have a question not answered here don't hesitate to call us.